The Winner

introducing Carolyn Oats
63 Years Old

A vivacious, confident Sydney grandmother, Carolyn truly embodies the pro•age philosophy. A true free spirit, she doesn’t give in to pressures about what may or may not be age appropriate, and at 63 she feels more like she’s 40. Happy and confident with her looks inside and out, Carolyn’s secret to looking great and feeling great is happiness – she says it projects outwards.

Beauty to Carolyn means health, energy, something from within and lastly physical beauty. She definitely thinks there should be more mature women in the media and feels fabulous when she sees an older woman portrayed in an advertisement. The realization that she is now one of those women is exciting and she is proud to be showing what pro•age looks like.

Despite having had a successful career as a fashion editor for a women’s magazine, she feels that her biggest achievement to date is her family. But she also believes that the best may still be yet to come!