When the Dove Firming campaign launched in Australia, it spurred immediate discussion. See what Australians had to say about the use of real women in advertising.

“Women are constantly bombarded with images of often unrealistic and unattainable perfection. When the girl in the mirror doesn’t look like the girl in the magazine or on the TV, it’s not surprising that women’s self esteem can be affected. It’s great that companies like Dove are starting to listen to real women’s concerns and are talking to them about feeling good rather than performing miracles or selling the beauty myth.”
– Dr Jenny O’Dea, Sydney University Lecturer

“It’s great to see a campaign that celebrates women’s curves and portrays them in such a positive way without retouching. At the end of the day we know that most images in beauty advertising how all been extensively retouched so I think Dove should be congratulated on such a brave and wonderful campaign.”
– Erin James, Sydney

“Thanks Dove for helping me feel beautiful even if I am a size 12 and not a size 8! I’m now seriously contemplating entering your fab Curvy Calendar Girl competition!”
– B. Taylor, Sydney