The Butterfly Foundation

Each of us has the ability to foster positive self-esteem – both in others and ourselves. You can be part of this by simply telling your friends about the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, inviting them to learn more at the website, or sharing your view at the forum.

The fund is intended to act as an agent for change, educating and inspiring young people to embrace a broader definition of beauty. The Dove Self Esteem Fund will contribute time, money and expertise to support educational awareness projects in the area of self-confidence and body image, executed in close cooperation with Australia’s leading Eating Disorder prevention and support organisations.

You can help. Spread the word about the work the Dove Self-Esteem Fund is doing in partnership with the Butterfly Foundation, or donate directly to the Butterfly Foundation so that we can reach as many young men and women as possible.

Visit to find out more.