Too many girls develop low self-esteem from hang-ups about looks and, consequently, fail to reach their full potential in later life. So, we’ve created the Dove Self-Esteem Fund as an agent of change to educate and inspire girls on a wider definition of beauty. Whether it’s models that wear a size 6 or movie stars with exceptional curves, beauty pressures are everywhere. And when young girls find it hard to keep up, low-self-esteem can take over. This is an issue that affects all women regardless of age or ethnicity. It can lead to introversion, a withdrawal from normal life and a waste of potential. At Dove, we believe that it is time to stop this waste by developing a more inclusive definition of beauty.The Dove Self-Esteem Fund was created to support different initiatives that help educate and inspire girls on a wider definition of beauty.



The Dove Self-Esteem fund has partnered with the Butterfly Foundation, an organisation that provides support for Australians who suffer from eating disorders and their carers through:

  • ‘Direct Relief’ to sufferers of eating disorders and their carers.
  • Increasing understanding and awareness in the community, through the support of existing services, education and research projects.
  • Advocating for increased recognition of the desperate need for sufferers and carers of eating disorders at both community and government levels.


The Dove Self-Esteem Fund is committed to supporting specific educational programs that seek to raise self-esteem and positive body image in young people. Unfortunately, the Dove Self-Esteem Fund cannot support additional causes or programs beyond this mandate. To ensure that as much funding as possible goes to our chosen programs, we have kept our overheads and staffing to an absolute minimum. Therefore we are unable to respond to requests for funding. Please come back to this web site to keep up-to-date with our program developments.



Dr Jenny O’Dea is a body image researcher and Senior Lecturer in Health Education at the University of Sydney. Dr O’Dea has a PhD in Medicine, in which she focused on the self esteem approach for improvement of body image and prevention of eating disorders in male and female adolescents. Dr O’Dea’s recent research investigates the best ways to improve body image, self esteem and overall health in young Australians. She has recently returned from a lecture tour of the UK where she was invited to speak about body image improvement, media literacy and the development of positive self esteem. Dr O’Dea is the author of Positive Food for Kids and she is currently writing her next book about body image, which will be titled “Everybody’s Different.”