Relationships are’t uneven, they’re not as well as can be expected be except if the two parties are striving toward health, holiness, and healing in their lives. I think in some cases it’s easy for women to see the shortfalls and needs in the men around them, while never completely acknowledging the requirement for development in their very own lives.

What it comes down to is this: simply like women are not satisfied in defining a real man by his bulk and sex drive, real men are shifting their view of what they are looking for in a woman. I see another generation of men rising up, who in their maturity and discernment understand that boobs, bikinis, and sex appeal have little to do in the equation of a healthy and meaningful marriage.

Here are the qualities that these real men are looking for in their ladies to-be:


It’s occasionally hard to accept that being “real” is attractive to a man. I think it’s easy for us women to take a gander at the billboards and magazines that fill our minds with airbrushed beauty and enhanced bodies and think that being real makes you not exactly the others. Be that as it may, I’ve discovered that real men are attracted to a woman who reveals her natural self. My husband has always disclosed to me that I’m most beautiful when I am most similar to me: before the makeup, the hair, and the fashion have taken away from my natural self. I hear that same thing from men consistently. There is something in particular about the beauty of a real woman that far surpasses the plastic Barbie adaptation of ourselves that we women such a great amount of take a stab at and put stock in.

However, men are not just looking for a woman who is real with her appearance, yet real with what her identity is. With regards to attracting a real man, there is no compelling reason to imagine. They’re not looking for a woman who claims to be into sports, cars, sex, or anything else she thinks her man wants. They are looking for a woman to be completely herself… personality, characteristics, shortfalls and all. Ladies, these are the things that make you novel and set you apart from each other woman. Embrace your real self, and let it shine.


There is something in particular about a certain woman that oozes beauty and attraction to a man. A woman who is sure knows what her identity is and what she accepts, and clutches that in her interactions with others. She puts stock in herself, and realizes that she is valuable standing alone. She’s not defined by her relationship status, her physical appearance, or her sex appeal. She doesn’t get tied up with the falsehoods that her value is reliant on what she does-yet rather, what her identity is. Because a woman of certainty knows that her value is established in nothing else yet who she is in Christ, there is no compelling reason to be a tease around or flaunt her stuff.

Flirting and flaunting will most definitely attract a certain kind of man to your side, however you’ll have to continue flirting and continue flaunting as long as you can remember in request to keep his interest. I don’t think about you ladies, however that kind of relationship dynamic is far an excessive amount of work and emotional baggage for my liking. There’s no requirement for meager outfits and cleavage when you’re on the chase for a real man-because real man will be attracted to you because of who you are-not what you have to offer him… and only continuing to act naturally will be all you have to do to keep him there. That’s what healthy relationships are meant to be.


Most men will reveal to you that it’s important for them to be attracted to their significant other. The issue with this is that occasionally we as women misinterpret this to think that the way to a man’s heart is by achieving super-model status. We beat ourselves up emotionally, physically, and mentally trying to fit into a shape that we were never meant to fill. From what I understand-to a real man, beauty is defined as far beyond physical appearance. I’ve met huge amounts of men who are totally killed by women who are exquisite outwardly, yet empty on the inside.

Real men are looking for a woman who displays genuine beauty, a beauty that cannot be enhanced, made up, or airbrushed. They are looking for a woman who resonates with the beauty of kindness, compassion, humor, quality, love, bliss, and tenderness. In all honesty, real men are progressively interested in the size of a woman’s heart and mind than the size of her waist. It’s amusing at that point, that our general public weights women into keeping their emphasis on the external-the things that matter almost no at the finish of each relationship. In contrast to physical beauty, genuine beauty cannot be fabricated… and it’s the main thing that will draw and keep the heart of a real man. A statement I read says it best, “A real man isn’t looking for the most beautiful woman on the planet, however for the woman who will make his reality the most beautiful”.


Give me a chance to clarify there is an enormous distinction between a passionate woman, and a dramatic woman. The first is the kind that men run to, the latter is the sort they flee from… and never think back. On the off chance that there is one thing that I hear again and again from men, is that women should be less emotionally-determined. Men, as much as I hate to admit it, I think you’re onto something here. Feelings are such a valuable part of human beings, for men and women alike. In any case, I think a tremendous issue arises within the inclination for women to give their feelings a chance to take the lead. It’s important for us as women to be driven by what we know and balanced by what we feel. Feelings ought to never lead the way.

In any case, since we’ve talked about what passion isn’t, this is what it is-being a passionate woman means allowing your heart and life to be driven by things that are meaningful, invested in things that are great, and living an actual existence that is deliberate. It means being a woman whose life isn’t defined by nail salons, tanning beds, and clothing boutiques-however one who lives for quite a lot more. It means having goals, believing in dreams, and holding on to your values. It means being defined and moved by equity, benevolence, pardoning, charity and grace. It means striving for healing in your very own life and in your general surroundings. Living an existence of passion is important, because that passion will saturate all aspects of your life-relationships included.

It’s an ideal opportunity to redefine the qualities that we as women think we have to have to intrigue a man. It’s a great opportunity to say no to the draw of sex appeal and begin to accept that genuine admiration from men to women comes just when we begin to regard ourselves. Real men are looking for real women who will reflect to them the qualities of a loving God-a God who has made us to be sure, passionate, genuine – and gracious, so beautiful in each way. May we as women endeavor to reflect Him in all that we do.

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